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EDIT: Added my Eevee cosplay as I can't take it along with me to Montreal and I don't wear it anymore anyways. Also, Goomy was adopted.

It's summer sales here in France and I'll be moving to Montreal (Canada) in about a month which means I need everything to go so I don't have tons of stuff to either store somewhere or take with me (also, money is nice since moving will not be cheap even if it'll be totally awesome!).

Sooooo FREE SHIPPING on all plushies in stock: 

Umbreon plush (for sale) by Lophae Umbreon - 150€
 Poliwag plush - for sale by Lophae Poliwag - 30€
 Marill plush - for sale by Lophae Marill - 25€

Eeveelutions - Eevee for sale by Lophae Eevee cosplay (far left) - 50€ + shipping (too heavy for free shipping sorry)

You can send me a note or an email at lophaecreations(at)gmail(dot)com
Payment through Paypal for international buyers, cheques or bank transfer if you're French. 
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Eeveelutions - Eevee for sale by Lophae
Eeveelutions - Eevee for sale
21/07/14 - I am selling my Eevee cosplay, I can't take it with me when I move to Canada soon so I'm selling it as it is now.

This includes: ears on a headband, neck fluff, bodice (it's between M and L), skirt (it's between a size 10 and 12), wrist fluffies, (huge) tail that attaches with a belt and safety pins, leg warmers and small bag.

Price: 50€ + shipping (sorry too heavy for free shipping). Send me a note or an email at if interested.

Left to right:
me as Eevee (cosplay all made by me)
Brunhild as Leafeon (cosplay all made by me)
Elenna as Jolteon (cosplay all made by me)
:iconillapasp: as Flareon (made by illapa)

June 30th to July 3rd was the Japan Expo and Comic Con in Paris. The Japan Expo is basically the biggest (anime) con in France and after going to a version of it in Marseilles in March I decided I'd make myself a cosplay of something and go the one in Paris. Some friends suggested we cosplay various eeveelutions (evolutions of the pokemon Eevee). I'd already made an Espeon hoodie and thought I'd wear it again, except I realized I'd simply die because of the heat. So I asked my friends which evolution they wanted to cosplay and since we had no Eevee I decided that I would be it.

So here we have:
- Eevee, made by myself for myself. My cosplay consists of a chocolate brown satin skirt and bustier type thing which laces up in the back, some neck fluff (!), furry bracelets, furry legwarmers, long ears sutck on a rigid headband and a large furry tail. People kept asking me if I'd made the tail myself for some reason and everyone wanted to touch it/hug it/ do disturbing things to it (I objected... strongly).

- Leafeon, made by myself and Brunhild for Brunhild. She actually has a long leaf-like tail to match the ears but it's not visible (...and to be fair I kinda failed at it and will see if I can make a better version if Brunhild wants to cosplay as Leafeon again). Costume is basically the same as myself, beige satin skirt and bustier type thing, ears and tail and bracelets.

- Jolteon, made by myself for Elenna. It consists of a yellow satin dress with a spiked hem, neck fluff (!), and ears on a headband.

- Flareon, made by illapa for herself. She bought an orange dress and altered it beautifully I must say.
Panda zip-up hoodie by Lophae
Panda zip-up hoodie
Here's something a bit different from my last uploads. I made this zip-up hoodie about 2 years ago for myself but I ended up not wearing it much so I figured it might as well go to someone who will enjoy it more. Sorry guys this is pretty much ladies only because of how it's cut.

- around waist: 86cm
- around chest: 94cm
- across shoulders: 40cm
- sleeve length (including thumb hole): 70cm


If you would really like one but this is not your size you can send me an email to order a custom one as I have enough fabric to make one more of these. 

Si vous voulez une veste panda c'est l'occasion! Je l'avais faite pour moi mais au final je ne la porte pas donc autant qu'elle fasse une heureuse (désolée messieurs la coupe est très cintrée).

Taille (un L cintré):
- tour de poitrine : 94cm
- tour de taille: 86cm
- largeur d'épaules: 40cm
- longueur manches (pouce inclus): 70cm


Si vous voulez une veste panda mais que celle-ci ne vous irait pas sachez qu'il me reste de quoi en faire une et que vous pouvez commander en m'envoyant un mail à l'adresse ci-dessus.


Lophae's Profile Picture
I make custom (fleece) hoodies and plushies for now but I also aim to make costume pieces and pretty much anything that strikes my fancy and involves some kind of creative process.
Email me if you have any questions :

Je réalise des lapins cubes et des sweats personnalisés (en polaire) mais aussi toute sorte de projets du moment que cela fait appel à l'imagination et la créativité.
N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour vos projets de vêtements, costumes, peluches et autres:


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